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New Design Garden/Terrace
( 2016-07-20 )
Hope to see you in the renovated Garden
( 2015-03-23 )
( 2014-08-07 )
Rent A Boat
( 2014-07-18 )
Join us on board and enjoy the magic of the Turquoise water from the deck of your own private yatch !
Wine Tasting in Redtower
( 2011-05-22 )
Check out the Photo Galery
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Sky Lounge Bar Alanya
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Our thesis statement

Our Beer

Dear Guests,

As Redtower Brewery, we will be able to have our beers on autumn. We removed our brewery to bigger to produce better beers for our guests.

We also changed our menu with more local flavors. We had full renovations in our Garden/Terrace Summer Restaurant. We hope you will like it:)

Looking forward to see you in our new designed Terrace Restaurant.

Red Tower has been opened on July 9, 2005. The aim of Red Tower is to do something which is not present in Alanya at the moment and create a place to leave in happiness for either the citizens of Alanya or tourists. We produce the beer symbolizing a culture over the world which is the first in Alanya and second in Turkey. You will definitely find one compatible with your taste among self made beer. One of the most important priorities in the project was to create a place that we could meet all demands of our guests. Red Tower was designed as a total of six floors and garden . The entrance floor as a bar, second floor as international kitchen, third floor as Kale Yolu Turkish Restaurant, sixth floor as SKY LOUNGE BAR. You can find the opportunity to listen live music with guitar in the 19:30 p.m. You can live the excitement of watching the matches of the Turkish super league on the barkovision with our Red Tower Beers. We present our 120 pax meeting room for your special days such as wedding and engagement ceremonies, birthday parties . We serve assembly business meals with respect to your desires and demands.

Wishing you make your business meetings and host your guests at RED TOWER.

We organize wedding with beach ceremonies. You can find pictures from the gallery section.



We're committed to bringing you the finest, freshest beers possible. Our beers are brewed according to Germany's 500-year-old purity law called Reinheitsgebot which dictates only four ingredients can be used in brewing beer: malted barley, water, hops, and yeast..

A Dash Of Barley, A Pinch Of Hops

The first thing to know about brewing is that basically, it's cooking. The brewer is a chef, the brewery is his kitchen and the brew kettle no more than a pot. Granted, at 1000 liters, it is a very, very large pot. The recipe for Redtower beers contain only four ingredients as dictated by the 500-year-old German purity law called Reinheitsgebot. In Germany, breweries follow this law because they have to.

Reinheitsgebot: (Rine·HEIGHT·ski·bot') The German Purity Law that dates back to 1516 which says beer can only be made with 3 ingredients. Barley. Hops. And water. Interestingly, at the time no one knew that yeast was involved in the process. (It was in the air.) So yeast has since been added as the fourth ingredient.

Our mission Statement:

To build a growing, profitable business which is a leader within the industry. We strive to be our guests' first choice by living the following values:

Our Guests want to return
We deliver the feeling of unexpected Hospitality
We deliver hand crafted quality
We deliver great value to our guests
We deliver "Can Do" service every time
We have fun and it shows
Crew and management have ownership for their results
We are clean and safe
At the BrewHouse, our goal is to have our guests return because they experience a feeling of unexpected hospitality. We have developed what we call H.O.P.P.S. standards to help you achieve this result.

Hospitality: Crew performance standards’ umbrella.
Opportunities: The opportunity to enhance the Guests’ experience.
Presentation: What and who the Guests perceive us to be. How you present yourself and how the restaurant is presented.
Participation: To actively join in / be involved / seek to help others.
Sincerity: As in genuine, individual and personalized warmth.
We are part of the, "Can Do Brew Crew"
We have fun and it shows.

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